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28-year old Talla comes from Senegal. He is married, with four children.

He fled from Senegal in 2015, leaving his family behind, and arrived in Italy on 15 January 2016. After a six-month, 4,600-km long journey, he reached Libya and was imprisoned for 3 months in Grigaras, Tripoli.

Beaten up and tortured, he regained his freedom thanks to the help of his former employer, who paid a 1,000-euro ransom for his release.

He then embarked on a long sea journey, along with many other fellow countrymen, and miraculously reached Sicily.

After numerous vicissitudes, he arrived at the San Ferdinando di Rosarno refugee camp, in the Calabria region. Not long ago, the San Ferdinando camp was cleared by Italian law enforcement agencies. Many refugees, including Talla, have been relocated to a reception centre (CAS – Centro di Accoglienza Straordinaria).

I spent several months by Talla’s side, day after day, so that I could tell the story of a life in a ghetto with flooded streets and no sanitation of sorts.