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43-year-old Nadia is a mother of two with a past in the Cameroonian Army.

In 2010, she flew from Cameroon to Italy, and arrived in Pasturo, Lecco, where she worked for a while.

Then she roamed from North to South, working as in-house nurse assisting the elderly and terminally-ill people. She also found employment as a chambermaid in hotels and as a domestic helper.

Nadia is kind of a nomadic type: she doesn’t like to linger in a place for too long, and after travelling from place to place for a while she settled in Rosarno, Reggio di Calabria, where she worked in the confectionery industry, at an orange processing factory.

Not long ago, the San Ferdinando camp was cleared by Italian law enforcement agencies. Like many other refugees, Nadia too began to roam from ghetto to ghetto, and now she struggles to survive. Being alongside her for some time, I tried to fathom out the problems and risks that migrant women could face.